Apple Wins a Patent for a High-End Predictive, Foveated Mixed Reality HMD

Apple was granted patent 10,739,599 titled “Predictive, foveated virtual reality system.” Patently Apple first discovered a patent for a  an 8K Foveated Micro-Display for their future Head Mounted VR headset in Europe. We also reported on Apple’s first granted patent back on June 25, 2019. Today’s granted patent covers methods and systems for a virtual reality (VR) and/or augmented reality (AR) device (e.g., a headset, or head mounted, device) may include a predictive, foveated virtual reality system. A predictive, foveated virtual reality system may be configured to capture views of the world around a user of the system, augment the captured data, generate an augmented view of the world and display that view to the user via a display of the system.

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